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Lakota Skye

A Native-American Owned Company

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What We Do / Install

Graphics & Sign Installation + Management

You put valuable resources into your graphics' look, feel, and experience. Whether you're having a pop-up event, need professional surveying, or launching a national promotion, we'll help you install your dream project, wherever that may be.

Experiential Design

Dimensional signage, branded environments, murals, environmental graphics, and even fine art... We've installed just about anything you can think of, and enjoy coming up with solutions for new challenges.

Event and Venue Signage

We understand how high-profile and time-critical events and venues can be. We'll work with your logistics and develop a plan from installation to removal for any banners, wall murals, elevator wraps, window graphics, etc...

Retail / Restaraunt

We're experts at installing grand openings and promotional rollouts. We'll partner with you to optimize your installation for maximum impact. Don't forget to ask us about our fleet graphics capabilities.

ADA & Wayfinding

We'll help you ensure your ADA signs are installed to the latest compliance with federal, state, and local codes. We also specialize in installing wayfinding for new commercial, healthcare, and hospitality developments.